Kodes 3D is an independent software, which offers catalogs of kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards and worktops. He is the right arm of your sales force, allowing you to manage your customer projects from A to Z: from the original design to the factory order.


Access to Kodes 3D requires the acquisition of a license attached to the workstation, the price of which is available here.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a license on trial.

pin noteFor more information on how to use the software, refer to the  Kodes3D User Manual.

Kodes3D Tools

Drawing of the room

Dimensions | Coatings | Openings …

Drawing cooking software kodes3d

Choice of model

Model| Finishing | Choice of caissons | Handles | Work plan | Various Options

pin notePossibility of mixing up to 10 ranges in the same project.

 Choice colors kitchen kodes 3d.

Selection of items

Automatically recommends interior accessories.

View room kodes 3d kitchens

Inserting objects or shapes

The software contains wide choice of decorative objects and home appliances . You can also enhance it by inserting Sketchup® objects.

Insert objects 3D software cuisines kodes3d

Your project is created, navigate in real time in the implantation you have just designed.

pin noteTest the different kitchen models in all the finishes allowed by model, make price comparisons instantly.

3D image

Immediate 3D image| Fine 3D image| Photo-realistic image

pin noteProvide your customers with PDF3D files from Adobe for a perfect immersion in their project, at home, on their computer.

rendu 3D rapide kodes 3D image 3d kitchen kodes3d

 Penciling image

« Technical drawing » | « Crayon Architect »

Penciling image kodes 3d  rendu crayonné couleur kodes 3d logiciel cuisine

To see more images, check out our gallery here.

Automatic pricing and technical support

pin notePublish technical drawings, elevations, quotes, orders, invoices and factory purchase orders quickly.

3d kodes calculation

Computer Requirements

Computer in XP, Vista or Seven (32 or 64), Windows 10.
1GB of RAM
Minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768.
3D graphics card compatible Direct3D (ATI or NVidia recommended) and Internet connection required.

Manufacturers available

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